2014 Holiday Auction is Around the Corner

Please join us for the 2014 Benton County Democrats Holiday Party and Auction. 

The Holiday Party and Auction is the BC Dems’ major fundraiser of the year, allowing us to keep the lights on at HQ, fund our campaign operations and even to keep HotLines coming your way.

Doors open at 5:30 pm. There will be no cost for admission or dinner. You only pay for raffle tickets, drinks, and the auction items you purchase.

Please join us for dinner, drinks, and good cheer!

We have some truly wonderful items up for auction this year, and here’s a sneak peak of some of our special treasures:


2014 Silent Auction Preview

Marshallese Table Mat & Placemats: These are made of native leaves and grasses using techniques that have been handed down through the generations for thousands of years. Benefits the Linn County Democrats.Approximate Value: $40.00


Marshallese Art, Sleeping Mat or Wall Hanging: This is what Marshallese people usually sleep on.  It’s handmade from beaten and softened Pandanus leaves.  In the U.S, Marshallese use these mats to sleep on, as wall hangings, or as area rugs.Benefits the Linn County Democrats.Approximate Value: $50.00


Marshallese Art, Floral Bouquet: These are made of native leaves and grasses using techniques that have been handed down through the generations for thousands of years. Benefits the Linn County Democrats.Approximate Value: $50.00


Donovan’s Place, Crystalline Glaze Spiral Heart Dish: “Dale Donovan has been working as a potter and ceramics instructor for over 40 years. A fourth generation Oregonian, Dale received his art degree from Oregon State University in 1969 and continued graduate work in ceramics at Portland State University. At Portland State, Dale developed his expertise in the production of the unique crystalline glaze, a decorative glaze for which he is well known. Dale enjoys working with porcelain clay and a variety of other beautiful glazes. He enjoys making works for every day use and pleasure as well as one-of–a-kind treasures.” http://www.donovanplace.com/pottery.htmlApproximate Value: $28.00


Marshallese Art, Basket and Assorted Jewelry: Hand made basket with intricate weaving in the lid containing handmade jewelry from the Marshall Islands: floral head wreath; shell flower necklace; 3 hair ornaments; two small bracelets; matching bracelet and earring set; pair of earrings.Approximate Value: $75.00


3 Hand Spun & Woven Alpaca Felt Dryer Balls To Fluff Up Your Laundry by Amy Roy: Wool Dryer balls bounce around in your dryer separating clothes, allowing more hot air to circulate through all the garments. As they tumble, the wool balls fluff your laundry, reduce wrinkles, and pummel the laundry to make it softer. They do much more than a dryer sheet by pulling moisture out of your clothes so you don’t have to run the dryer as long. The more dryer balls you have in a load, the shorter the drying time will be. Dryer balls will last for thousands of loads; if they start to loosen up, simply toss them in a hot gentle wash and dry on hot.

Approximate Value: $45.00



2014 Oral Auction Preview

Autographed First Edition Copy of “Dream Singer” by Frank O. Smith: Dream Singer is a novel published in 2014 and was a finalist for the Bellwether Prize for Socially EngagedFiction.  Established by Barbara Kingsolver to award the best among new unpublished novels, the Bellwether has become one of the preeminent literary awards for writers of fiction.  Dream Singer’s author, Frank O. Smith, now lives in Portland, Maine, but his roots are West Coast and many of his Northwest experiences of his youth are woven into this compelling novel.  The main protagonist of the story, Elijah McCloud, is a “mixed-blood” Native American and one-time cowboy, and the novel traces his lifelong struggles in a culture thrust upon him. He is caught between two worlds, but his Modoc heritage won’t let him go and ultimately leads to Elijah’s rekindled chances for redemption.  This novel depicts some of the challenges confronting a conquered people like the Modoc, a mostly

forgotten and fractured tribe, and Northwest readers will recognize the mostly Oregon landscapes in  which the story unfolds.   It’s also a story about the marginalized society that “rides the rails” as their only form of transportation as they commute between seasonal encampments and various harvests along the West Coast.


Pat Conroy, best-selling American novelist, has this to say about Dream Singer:  “Elijah McCloud is a great character in American literature.  Smith writes lyrically of his world, the American West, what once was and still is.  Part love story, tragedy, and mystery, Dream Singer is a free-rolling journey of the heart.”


The winning bidder of the Benton County Democrats winter auction for this item will also receive the opportunity for a personal Skype session with the author, Frank O. Smith.


Approximate Value: $200.00

Marshallese Barbeque: Traditional Marshallese BBQ with native dancing and Music in Albany or Corvallis.  Up to 25 people will be served traditional Marshallese food such as breadfruit, pandanus, fried bananas, coconut milk and coconut rice balls, fresh fish, chicken marinated island style, and if the party is large enough, a roasted pig.  This barbeque also includes performances of Marshallese singing and dancing. 

Approximate Value: $300.00

Private Screening of Film “Between the Tides”: Between The Tides is a loving tribute to Ed Ricketts, an early-20th Century marine biologist who, despite a lack of much formal education or degrees of any kind, changed the way marine ecology was understood and practiced.   Almost 70 years after his death, his groundbreaking work continues to influence and inspire students of marine biology, notably through what many still consider the “bible” of West Coast  marine biology, his and Jack Calvin’s compendium “Between Pacific Tides”  — which remains the best-selling publication of Stanford University Press.  The film also reveals that Ricketts’ work inspired the design of one of the world’s great marine facilities – the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

Although Ricketts sustained himself and his family, barely, with his scientific collecting business from which he supplied marine organisms to university labs across the country, and on occasion some of the feral cats from the neighborhood or frogs from local creeks, his first love remained his independent intertidal studies he conducted from Baja California to British Columbia.  It was these collections and intricately recorded field notes that became the classic, “Between Pacific Tides”.

Ed Ricketts was also a friend and mentor to literary icons like John Steinbeck and Joseph Campbell , as well as a friend to many of the varied residents of that slice of life between Monterey and Pacific Grove known as Cannery Row who showed up at his lab’s doorstep looking for company, conversation, advice, solace, a drink or two, or just plain comfort.


In addition to depicting some of the highlights of Ricketts’ work, including his 1940 journey to the Sea of Cortez with John Steinbeck, Between The Tides follows a few of Ricketts’ ‘spiritual descendants’ – ranging from marine scientists, teachers, boat captains, abalone farmers, game wardens and jade sculptors – whose lives embody the sense of wonder about the ocean and appreciation for the free spirited curiosity that made Ricketts a great naturalist and “The Renaissance Man of Cannery Row.”Although many documentary films on Ed’s life and contributions to marine biology have been started, Between The Tides is so far the only one completed.  It was honored as such by having its premier at the

Monterey Bay Aquarium, just next door to Ed’s old lab which thankfully still remains, preserved against the ravages of “urban renewal.”


Approximate Value: $500.00

Private Fishing Trip from Private Water Adventures:One Day Guided Fishing Trip for Three on tribal lands in the Olympic National Forest with Quinault fishing guide Robert Thomas.  Wild salmon runs are in the spring and fall. http://www.privatewateradventures.com/Approximate Value: $1000.00


 Acclaimed Story Teller Joyce Greiner Morgan:  Nationally recognized storyteller Joyce Greiner Morgan will come and perform at your event. Article in the Democrat Herald on Joyce Morgan




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As you may notice, this is a new website. We have a lot of information on how you can get involved with the Benton County Democrats, but we do have a mission of making this site a one-stop-shop to keep people up to date and learn more about the Benton County Democrats.

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B.C.D. Webster


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