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New year, new Senate, Let’s do this people!
The time to re-elect our Governor Kate Brown and other great Democrats is coming! Contribute via the ActBlue link below.

NOTE: The General Meeting this month has been moved from the 18th to the 25th in observance of our
loss of Bob Ozretich, longtime Benton Democrat and friend to many in the community. RIP Bob, we’ll miss you.

Measure 101 – The Vote for Health Care in Oregon is coming! (Hint: Vote Yes) Click for details.

Let’s look forward to a supercharged 2018 midterm election season!

You can help with this much needed funds for the coming battle by donating directly via ActBlue.

Thank for your support! Your generosity is greatly appreciated. See you at the January General Meeting!


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allow the Benton County Democrats to support candidates and causes.
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