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New year, new Senate, Let’s do this people!
The time to re-elect our Governor Kate Brown and other great Democrats is coming! Contribute via the ActBlue link below.

Heads up! Merkley Alert!

Wednesday, February 21st at 6:30pm, Senator Jeff Merkley will be hosting a town hall at Hoover Elementary School in Corvallis. BCDems invite all Benton County residents to come and discuss what we need to do to strengthen our state and our nation. Also, if you are running into red tape accessing veterans’ benefits or dealing with Social Security or Medicare, or having trouble getting what you need from other federal agencies, Senator Merkley will have a constituent services worker on hand who may be able to help. If you have not met Senator Merkley in-person, you should make a point of attending.

Let’s look forward to a supercharged 2018 midterm election season!

You can help with this much needed funds for the coming battle by donating directly via ActBlue.

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