About Us

Meet the Benton County Democrats

Benton County Democrats is open to any registered Democrat in the county. You are welcome to attend monthly meetings. You are also welcome to leave a phone message at (541) 752-4848. We open campaign headquarters prior to general elections but otherwise do not have an office.

You can read our electronic newsletter, Hotlines; you’ll find information about the party, candidates and upcoming events. Keep an eye on the e-newsletter for volunteer opportunities. There is often a range of volunteer work needed (e.g., office work, organizing events, canvassing, etc.).

Our finances support our goal of electing Democrats in Benton County.

Our organization begins with Precinct Committee Persons 184 positions in Benton County. These persons work in teams in their neighborhoods during election campaigns and can vote at monthly meetings and other leadership elections.

Our Bylaws describe how our organization conducts business.

Much of the work of the Party goes on in Committees. You are welcome to attend committee meetings or to contact the committee chair with questions. The links below show our standing committees, chairpersons, and plans on current issues.

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  • Executive Committee
    Chair: Stephanie Hampton 541-740-4439
    First Vice Chair: Rick Osborn 541-908-6381
    Second Vice Chair: Lauana Beaty 503-309-9811
    Treasurer: Dan de Carbonel 541-254-4859
    Secretary: Ann Gaidos-Morgan 541-730-1549
  • Central Committee
    The Central Committee is the main decision-making body of the Benton County Democrats. The members of the Committee are the Precinct Committee Persons (PCP’s); while any member of the public can attend Central Committee meetings, only PCP’s are eligible to vote on the actions to be taken by county party.Membership as a PCP on the Central Committee is open to any registered Democrat living (and registered) in Benton County. There are two ways to become a PCP. To be eligible to vote for officers of the party, PCP’s must be elected during a primary election. Ask any member of the Executive Committee and she or he will give you more information if you are interested. At any point in the year, the Central Committee can appoint a person to fill any open precinct committee; the candidate is submitted at a Central Committee meeting and is approved on a vote of the attending members.You can serve as a PCP in either the precinct in which you live, or, if all those positions are filled, an open position in a neighboring precinct. PCP positions are divided evenly between male and female openings. Our PCP coordinator can let you know about any openings.Everyone is invited to attend Central Committee meetings. Please feel free to attend.
  • State Central Committee
    The State Central Committee guides the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO), elects the DPO Executive Committee, and makes many major decisions. Each county sends a number of delegates based on county population, and gender balancing. The current delegates and alternates were elected by the Benton County Central Committee during its November 2014 meeting.

    Stephanie Hampton (Delagate Chair)
    Annabelle Jaramillo
    Dan DeCarbonel
    Justin Brice

    Calvin Henry
    Bob Ozretich
    Janet Wolf-Eshe
    Tabitha Pitzer

  • 4th Congressional District Committee (DeFazio)
    Charles Maughan
    Tabitha Pitzer

    John Booker
    Zel Brook

  • 5th Congressional District Committee (Schrader)

    Sam Sappington
    Catherine M. Campanella-Stearns

    Terry Virnig

  • Finance Committee
    Chair: Biff Traber (Mayor of Corvallis) 541-753-6735
    Tracey Yee
    Bob Heald
    Dan de Carbonel (EC Advisor)
  • Communications Committee
    Chair: Scott Alexander eMail Scott
  • Linn County Democrats Liaison
    Bob Heald
    Stephanie Hampton (EC Advisor)
  • State / County Fair Committee
    Janet Wolfe-Eshe
    Sheila Coxon
    Dan de Carbonel (EC Advisor)
  • Merchandise Committee
    Position Currently Open Inquire Here
  • Technology Infrastructure Committee
    Chair: Charles Maughan eMail Charles
    Justin Brice
    Scott Alexander
    Ashley Terry
    Kenna Warsinski
  • Bylaws & Rules Committee
    Chair: Tanya Shively  Contact Tanya:Email: stanya22@msn.com | Phone: 541-929-6498
    Harry Demarest
    Annabelle Jaramillo
    *Will propose amendments to the bylaws for consideration by the full central committee.
  • Campaign Services Committee
    Holly Shutta – Chair
    Kenna Warsinski
    Sheila Coxon
    Janet Wolfe-Eshe
  • Candidate Development Committee
    Pat Malone
  • Labor Liaison
    Joshua Sciré
    Catherine Campanella-Stearns
    Rob Davenport
  • Platform & Resolutions Committee
    The Platform & Resolutions Committee helps the party shape its actions and message by developing a series of resolutions. These resolutions frame where we, as a party, stand on various issues; they also provide guidance on where we place our priorities for activism and lobbying. Visitors are welcome to attend committee meetings and present an issue of concern.


    Rachel Ozretich, Chair email Rachel
    Justin Brice
    Holly Shutta
    Stephanie Hampton (EC Advisor)

  • Precict and Party Development Committee
    Chair: Chuck WillerContact
    Charles Maughn
    Justin Brice

    Charlottte Trask-Willer
Alison Clement

    Holly Shutta’

    Ron Gibbons
Xan Aurgerot
James Gore

    John Caster
Tanya Shively

    Karen Smith

    Clark House

    Debbie Maynard
    Stephanie Hampton (EC Advisor)
  • Archivist
    Harry Demarest
  • Legislative Process Committee
    This committee serves as a two-way avenue of communication between the Benton County Democrats and our elected representatives at the local, state, and national levels.
    Jen Wig
    Tony Lapiz
    Rick Osborn (EC Advisor)
  • Legislative Accountability Committee
    This committee will serve as a two-way avenue of communication between the Benton County Democrats and our elected representatives at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Voter Registration / Election Integrity Committee
    *Position Open! Contact Voter Committee
    Registering new voters thru the Field HQ and other venues was a valuable tool in the last campaign both for increasing Democratic registrations, and also for recruiting and engaging new volunteers. It is a neighborly, non-confrontational way of maintaining a presence in the community for the Democratic Party. This committee also has responsibility for working to improve election mechanics and assure election fairness. Members also serve as poll watchers and at tables such as at the Corvallis Farmers Market.

  • Young Democrats Liaison Committee
    Contact Chair
    Liaison to OSU Democrats and other student and young voter groups.

    Charles Xavier Clark

  • Law Enforcement Liaison
    David Peterson – Contact David