Monthly Meetings of the Benton County Democrats

Who: The public is welcome.

When: 7:00 pm on the third Thursday of each month; social hour begins at 6:30.

Where: Grace Lutheran Church, 435 NW 21st Street, Corvallis

What: Speaker on a topic of interest. Business of the party (voting on resolutions, committees, budget, etc.). Sharing what we are doing “for the good of the party.”  Steering the Benton County Democrats.

Everyone is welcome, but only Precinct Committee Persons are allowed to vote. Precinct Committee Persons are our grassroots members and are elected during the Democratic Primary. We have 184 such positions in the county. Most precincts have unfilled PCP positions available. If you are interested in finding out about becoming a Precinct Committee Person, contact our PCP Organizer.