Our financial goals match our overall vision: Electing Democrats in Benton County.
During election cycles, we have a campaign headquarters for phone banks, canvassing, meetings, buttons and yard signs, and facilities that candidates can make use of for their campaigns. During the 2016 campaign, campaign headquarters was a bustling center of activity each day. An evening’s activity might include several phone bank operations, a committee meeting, a table for canvassers to pick up and drop off materials, and two greeters at the front desk answering questions from the public.

Between election campaigns, we organize to win future elections. We maintain a small office as a base from which to work and in order to have a public face. We fundraise so that we can start an election cycle with enough cash on hand to wage a successful campaign.

We hold a variety of fundraising operations throughout the year, including our annual holiday auction, our summer picnic and pie auction, and various others to help us prepare for the next election cycle. We also do occasional mailings reminding people to donate.

Those who are active in our party get to see how far their money is going and the difference it makes. Our financial statements are not published online, at this time. Copies are available at our monthly meetings from our Finance committee.

You are always encouraged to make a secure donation online via Act Blue or if you prefer, send a check to our mailing address at:

Benton County Democrats
PO Box 232
Corvallis, OR 97339

Your donation (up to $50 for an individual and up to $100 for a married couple) may be eligible each year for an Oregon state tax credit. Speak to your tax professional for details.