Precinct Committee Persons

Precinct Committee Persons (or PCPs) are the lifeblood of the Democratic Party. For Democrats to succeed in rebuilding our economy, strengthening our country, and establishing a fair society, we need to ensure that the top of our party structure, the precinct committee persons, have the information, tools, and direction they need to carry out their mission.

With training and support, PCPs work in a team to contact voters in the precincts where they live. With a full slate of PCPs, Benton County Democrats are able to identify likely voters, be poised for quick action in a special election such as a school bond, and reach into our community for volunteers. PCP positions are open to all registered Democrats living in Benton County.

Updated 11/14/2017

As a Precinct Committee Person, you have the responsibility not only to determine the direction of our party, but also to serve as the major source of personal contact between the party and the voters.

Precinct Committee Person opportunities:

  • County Party voting delegate (at our monthly meetings)
  • Voter contact
  • Party leadership elections
  • Other leadership opportunities
  • Nominate candidates for Democratic vacancies in state legislature or county commission.

If you become a PCP, you would fill a position in your own or adjoining precinct. To locate your precinct, go to the precinct map at (select Corvallis or Philomath area to see street names).

If you are interested in finding out more or in becoming a PCP, contact us.